THE GYM™ is creating a new mind-blowing whole-mind/body experience!

Want to know more?

Our “Change Everything 6-Week Program!” integrates whole body training with new health, spiritual, and goal-setting dimensions meant to truly challenge you: mind, body, and soul.

This is not your typical fitness/yoga/meditation program. This program is designed for you, your spouse, and your business partners to come and receive a powerful reset spiritually, intellectually, and physically.
Sometimes we need to move away from just the physical reality of a gym and throw ourselves into areas that are a bit more uncomfortable to truly learn who we are and what we are capable of – Imagine traveling from the most frigid cold to unbelievable relentless heat. It is in those chaotic moments, where you really challenge yourself; where you will learn to put mind and soul over matter and develop unbreakable resilience – and find peace.

The Curriculum

Throughout our 6-week process, you’ll unearth the hidden beliefs and subconscious patterns holding you back from your fullest potential and most authentic self. Then, you’ll dive deep into your core identity and desires, as you gain priceless clarity on what you really want in life, why you want it, and how you’re going to get it.
The entire process requires 7 hours a week for 6 weeks: a supremely worthwhile investment for a process that will forever change how you view and approach your life and your goals.
The smaller group setting, more intimate time with other attendees, and our AMAZING coaches and staff will facilitate an experience unlike any other event of this type.


1. You will learn to harness your clarity of purpose and personal power to rise above your obstacles – and even reinvent yourself in the face of challenging circumstances and transitions like divorce, career changes, health issues, and spiritual crises.

2. You will strengthen your growth mindset by building an unbreakable resilience that will allow you to find your own purposeful life rhythm.

3. You will find peace. Never again feel forced to sacrifice one form of success for another, or neglect your career growth, family, or passions. You will learn to achieve harmony between all career, family, and passions.

4. You will find your Center. Break free from work, relationships, and lifestyle choices that don’t bring you joy. Develop the clarity and courage to take the leap and follow your passions, spend time on what you love, and even reinvent yourself.

Stop and consider that ….

Sometimes we get so focused on what’s right in front of us, we don’t take the time, or find the perspective to see the incredible opportunities around us.

And even for those of us who regularly take time to consider the big picture, how often do we do so in an environment that encourages not just our business sense, but our awareness of our purpose?

This program is for those who are not satisfied with the status quo in their business life, as well as their spiritual and family life, and are hungry to grow to the next level.

But beyond that, this event is going to expand and provide keys for you to take the next step in your spiritual and family life as well.

The truly Successful understand these are the deeper issues of life and invest in themselves to encourage their growth!

“The Change Everything 6-Week Program” is for anyone that knows they are capable of MORE and meant for MORE but have been waiting for the door to open.

THE GYM™ just opened that door and is ready to help you Change Everything!

The Program 6 full weeks: $1,500 NOW ONLY $1,250.00!

Each session starts with 15 minutes of meditation with intentionality and purpose for our workouts, events, and the day.

1st Day: Full body workout. Balance, coordination, and strength & conditioning. 90 minutes

2nd Day: Yoga and breath work. Deeply immersing ourselves in group-led meditation helps us reach our inner thoughts and psyche; where ego hangs out and attacks our ability to truly conquer life in a way that fills our soul. 60 minutes

3rd Day: Work on YOU. Self-discovery journey to find clarity with 2 accountability sessions per week.

4th Day: Self Discovery Accountability followed by Full body workout. Balance, coordination, and strength & conditioning. 120 minutes

5th Day: Self Discovery Accountability followed by Fire & Ice. Work to 220 degrees heat for 20 min then directly into the ice bath for a total of 3 minutes and repeat for a total of 3 rounds. 120 minutes

At the end of this 6-week program you will have built unbreakable resilience, let go of the old self and invited your new and authentic self, and through our accountability process have a clear plan for your greatest family, personal, and career goals without compromise.

Optional Modalities: Nutrition, Hyperbaric, Float/Sensory Deprivation, and Infrared Sauna.