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Our goal is to make you look, feel, and perform at your best, no matter who you are and what your fitness level may be. While most gyms focus on the lifts, we focus on the body itself. We think of the body as a web: the strength of whole web depends on the smaller connections within it. We believe the best way to strengthen the body is a holistic, systematic approach.

- Personal Training -

One-on-one training sessions can be scheduled with our expert coaching staff. Our coaches have the knowledge, skill, and experience to enable you to achieve your strength and fitness goals.

- Group Workouts -

Members can participate in many types of group workouts. These workout sessions are significantly different from traditional health club classes. Our workouts utilize the highly successful techniques developed and proven effective by the world renowned Westside Barbell Conjugate training system, and our coaches interact with workout participants throughout the session, providing personalized attention and an environment of fun and camaraderie.

Preventing Injuries, Overtraining, and Boring Workouts

Our training philosophy is based on the Westside Conjugate system, developed by strength-training legend Louie Simmons. The Conjugate system builds strength by putting emphasis on staple exercises that give maximum results, like the squat, deadlift, and benchpress, but also constantly varying these exercises to address the weaknesses of smaller muscle systems. The body quickly adapts to strength-training. Our system is designed to outmaneuver that adaptation so that we are always making progress, while at the same time preventing injuries, overtraining, and boring workouts. At THE GYM™, we want to help you train smart!


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We are having a well-known 5X World Record Holder in Powerlifting (Luke Edwards) Presentation & Seminar at THE GYM.

Date: Saturday 8/27/22 Agenda: 9:00 AM TESTIMONIAL -What got me into lifting weights -Powerlifting career  -What kept me going -Kidney transplants -Dialysis  -WESTSIDE Barbell -Training  10:00 AM LOWER DYNAMIC EFFORT -Squat technique -Deadlift  technique  -Lower body auxiliaries 12:00 PM BREAK FOR LUNCH 1:00 PM UPPER DYNAMIC EFFORT ⁃Bench Technique ⁃Upper body auxiliaries   3:00 PM …

We are having a well-known 5X World Record Holder in Powerlifting (Luke Edwards) Presentation & Seminar at THE GYM. Read More »

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Olympic Weightlifting Group w/ Gene! Every Mon/Wed/Fri at 5pm! JOIN NOW!

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FREE Youth Summer Training Program! Sign your child up now!

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Commonwealth Cup Powerlifting Meet

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Our Favorite Restaurant in C’ville!- Dino’s Restaurant

Visit our favorite restaurant in C’ville! Dino’s Restaurant @ The Dairy Market! Tell them THE GYM sent you!?

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THE GYM™ is a unique resource in Charlottesville. For more than 8 years, our extensive array of equipment and the skills of our coaching staff have enabled people of all ages and fitness levels to enhance their physical performance and overall wellness.


  • One Group Workout on Us
  • Normally $35 Per Group Workout

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$65 Per Month
  • Unlimited 24/7 Gym Access
  • Unlimited training
  • Member Promotions
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Group Workouts

Starting at $160 Per Month
  • Unlimited 24/7 Gym Access
  • Unlimited Training
  • Member Promotions
  • Access to Special Group Promotions

Group Workouts

-Limited group size enables participants to receive personalized attention.

-Workouts utilize the highly successful techniques developed and proven effective by the world renowned Westside Barbell Conjugate training system.

-Our coaches interact with workout participants throughout the session, providing personilized attention and an environment of fun an comradery.

THE GYM™ Coaches Have a Combined 40+ Years of Experience in CrossFit, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting.

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Recipient of Best of C’ville: Health & Fitness Best Personal Trainer multiple times since 2007!

- Founder & Head Coach/ Trainer -
Justin Tooley

Justin has over 20 years' experience in the fitness industry. He has been the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Virginia Basketball Academy, and was a personal and group training instructor for 12 years at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center. Justin has personally competed in bodybuilding, power lifting, and strongman events and won multiple times.


  • Westside Barbell Certified since 2012
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Westside Barbell Special Strength & Conditioning Certified Professional Powerlifter
  • Kettlebell Concept Certified Crossfit Movement & Mobility


  • Virginia Basketball Academy Director of Strength & Conditioning – –
  • 12 years experience personal & group training at ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center; Won in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Strongman Events
  • Recipient of CVille Weekly‘s Best Trainer Award ’07 and ’12, Runner-up ’08 and ’16
  • Instructor for Crossfit Powerlifting Certification at Westside Barbell, Columbus, & Ohio
  • Past Holder of Multiple State & National Powerlifting Records

What Our Clients Are Saying...


"After severely spraining his ankle, my son's doctor prescribed six to eight weeks of rest followed by physical therapy, a diagnosis that would have ended his spring baseball season. Justin worked with him one-on-one and within three weeks, he progressed to light training and started pitching and hitting after 4 weeks."

Eric F.

"At TheGym you will find an environment of friendly camaraderie. Its staff is available to help all members and members are always willing to help each other too. It's really a unique environment that I have not encountered at any other gym and one that has helped me exceed my goals."

— Robert F. 123


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