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A Day At The Gym: Upper Body

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At The Gym, no two days are exactly alike. As it says on our website:

“Our training system is based on the Westside Conjugate system, developed by Louis Simmons. This system builds strength by emphasizing staple exercises that give maximum results, like the squat, deadlift, and benchpress, but also constantly varying these exercises to address the weaknesses of smaller muscle systems. The body quickly adapts to strength-training and so, our system is designed to outmaneuver that adaptation so that we are always making progress, while at the same time preventing injuries, overtraining, and boredom.”

Below, you will see a few examples of those varying exercises, all exercises you may perform during an upper body session.

The Banded Kettlebell Bench Press is a great exercise for improving stability on the bench. It helps the lifter learn to stay tight on the bench and maintain control of the barbell. It increases the activation of the stabilizing muscles and decreases activation of the prime movers. Sometimes, we will work with a bamboo bar, furthering work to improve shoulder stability, or utilize a football bar, as seen above. 

The Single-Sided Deadlift has quickly become a group training session favorite. This exercise works the core in particular as the uneven load causes the core to contract to counterbalance the load. It will not only help improve stability, but translate into an improved performance in other lifts, including the deadlift, as well. It’s great for showing the lifter areas of weakness to address with other accessory exercises. 

Another favorite during upper body day is the Board Press. This exercise is great for addressing sticking points – the point in a lift in which the weight feels heaviest. Board presses also address the triceps, helping improve lockout strength. The decreased range of motion of a board press also allows the lifter to overload the bar and lift more than their bench press one-rep max, ultimately improving their performance on a traditional bench press.

These are just a few of the exercises one may see during an upper body day at The Gym. Some days, we might break out bands, chains, standing presses, pin presses… You never know! You can always check out our Instagram for a look at what’s going on on the floor, or stop in for a training session and see for yourself!

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