Why We Do Conditioning Work

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Box Jumps

Weighted box jumps in full swing – conditioning AND improving explosive power.

Our warm ups at The Gym have largely focused on conditioning lately. We’ve been doing circuits full of burpees, kettlebell swings, push ups, pull ups, wall balls, box jumps, and everything in between before going under the barbell.

Why all the conditioning work when we’re a strength training gym?

A few reasons – not counting the fact that it’s a great way to literally warm up during cold winter days. 

First, and perhaps most obvious, several of our members are competing at the Festivus Games in April where the WODs are largely condition-based. No one enters a competition without training, and so, we train.

But beyond that, conditioning is a valuable addition to any strength training program.

Being strong means being able to do a lot of work. More work requires a certain level of conditioning. Think about it like this: if you’re exhausted after two sets of pushups or a round of box jumps, your training will probably suffer. Taking the time to condition – to be able to knock out those push ups and box jumps and still put in solid work in the rack – proves worthwhile. 

Conditioning improves aerobic performance. Improved aerobic capacity – the ability to maintain a certain level of aerobic activity – can lead towards greater work capacity – the total amount of work you can perform, recover from, and adapt positively to – and training volume – the number of sets and reps you do – as well as faster recovery between sets. There is a whole slew of physiological benefits – think glycogen stores – to conditioning as well.

Community Cardio

Pushing the prowler – with the help of Miss Pigg!

In addition to our warm up circuits, we incorporate other conditioning exercises as part of our programing. Sled drags in various positions and pushing the prowler, for instance, as well as rowing and the assault bike are common conditioning components, usually following focus on one of our core lifts. 

While we’re still dedicated to strength training, we don’t underestimate the benefit of conditioning the body as a way to improve both strength training performance and mobility. Our goal is to help you look, feel, and perform at your best. We focus on the body itself and believe the best way to strengthen the body is a holistic, systematic approach – which includes conditioning!

Ready to jump in on our strength training and conditioning workouts? Learn more here.

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