Some Pain Might Be Some Gain

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“No pain, no gain.”

You’ve heard that adage before.

In our opinion, there are two kinds of pain – pain and pain. The second kind of pain, the pain, is the “bad” kind.

When you feel pain, you raise a red flag and put a stop to whatever you’re doing. If you feel pain while in The Gym, make sure you tell a coach. They will be able to help you modify your workout routine accordingly, or even advise you to stop your workout. Injury prevention is one of our top priorities. 

Then there’s pain.

Pain isn’t always a bad thing.

Over the years, we develop movement patterns that aren’t always correct. When we start training, we uncover those poor patterns pretty quickly. The Gym staff pays a lot of attention to how our members move and spends time correcting those movement patterns, especially in the beginning. Correct movement patterns means not only a better workout, but a lowered risk of injury.

But back to why pain isn’t always a bad thing.


When you’ve been moving incorrectly for a while, your tissue adjusts to that movement pattern. When you start training and re-programming the body to move in the way it was meant to, that tissue has to change which can, in turn, cause pain – this type of pain being mild discomfort that shouldn’t inhibit you from moving or cause further injury.

“Changing the tissue will in turn change the way you move,” The Gym’s Justin Tooley says. “In the beginning, that may cause some new and uncomfortable feelings until your body gets used to moving more effectively. Sometimes, fixing what’s most obvious may temporarily cause some discomfort in the beginning.”

Now, we aren’t saying to simply work through the pain. Remember, there’s pain and then there’s pain. But we do encourage you to be aware of your body and what it’s telling you. Have an open dialogue with your coaches about how you’re feeling and be open to their suggestions to get your body moving well again, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. 

“No pain, no gain” might not be just an inspirational poster after all.

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